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Hi! This is pour obsession


Meet Kolyne

I strive to make Pour Obsession the leading website for art on the market. My approach is a carefully researched and practiced technique that when all combinations fall into place, makes beautiful artwork. I make many different types of art that include other mediums such as acrylics and alcohol inks. They are also showcased in the gallery as well as some on this page. I create wall hangings, resin  vase scultupes, night lights, coasters, geode’s, Lazy Susan’s, names to hang on walls, picture frames and signage for businesses.

I approach art as a science. Every product I use is of the highest quality. Using epoxy with UV protections stops it from fading over time. My designs are created in unique patterns with different styles of pouring. Epoxy art can be made truly stunning with patience and precision.

Pouring and designing acrylic pieces is a talent all in its own. It differs greatly from epoxy in terms of working time and flow. There are many techniques that we use including the dirty pour, dutch pour, and swiping technique. Each style allows for different effects that turn out to be amazing pieces.

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